Pucketta Creek Soapnuts

Additional Uses for Natural Laundry Soap - Soapnuts

Soapnuts natural laundry soap can be used up to 3 or 4 times depending on water temperature. Shells will release more soap the first time they're used (and at higher temperatures), so it is advisable to wash heavily soiled items with a fresh batch of Shells. Before adding to compost heap, shells can be used to make liquid soap.

To make Liquid Soap
Simmer about half a dozen Soapnuts for five minutes. The amount of water you use doesn't really matter. Simply use enough water to cover the shells. If you use nut shells that haven't been used before you will end up with a fairly "strong" solution. You can dilute the liquid accordingly afterwards. Cool and strain. Alternatively, pour boiling water over Shells and leave to cool. Procedure can be repeated several times before Shells are disposed of on compost heap.

Liquid Soap can be used for:
  • Washing delicate items by hand
  • Hand washing
  • Washing dishes (particularly good for glassware)
  • Windshield washer in your car (in the summer it will freeze.) (Dilute with cold water 1:4)
Other uses:
  • Add a few drops of essential oil for an effective spray-on general surface cleaner
  • Add a little white vinegar for a super-effective window/glass cleaner
  • Add to a spray bottle and attack greenfly and aphids