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Pure, All Natural Laundry Soap

Welcome to natural laundry, this natural soap will make your laundry clean and soft and couldn't be more friendly to our environment.

Your planet wants you to change the way you do your laundry.
The time is now, and we'll make it easier for you.

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This amazing product:
Gets your clothes clean, gets your clothes really soft, is antibacterial, is safe for delicate fabrics, is unscented (You can add scent if you like, click here for more information), is biodegradable, is compostable, is sustainably produced, is completely hypoallergenic, protects your colors, makes your clothes last longer, is cheaper than chemical detergents, and also cleans your conscience. Lastly, it is low sudsing, making it perfect for all washers, including high efficiency (HE) front loaders.

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Your chemical laundry detergent may contain:
Phenols, optical brighteners, phosphates, EDTA, artificial fragrance, ammonia, sodium sulphate, and a chemical foaming agent.
All of these substances have an undesirable effect on humans, the planet, or both. In fact some of them:
Are suspected carcinogens, cause skin allergies and irritation, are environmental hazards, are not easily bio-degradable, have toxic effects on mammals and fish, and cause eye irritations. In fact, EDTA is not degraded or removed during conventional wastewater treatment.

Why wouldn't any reasonable person want to change to our natural laundry soap?

  1. Because we've been conditioned since childhood to equate "clean" with high foaming, strongly scented chemical detergents.
  2. Because humans are resistant to change.
  3. Because a really good alternative hasn't been available until very recently.
Soapnuts, when they come in contact with water, release a high level of saponins. Saponins are a highly effective yet very gentle cleaning agent. The solution made when soapnuts contact water is low sudsing as there are no commercial foaming agents. Lots of foam on top of your wash water has very little to do with cleaning your laundry although in the American culture we've been brought up to think otherwise.

Pucketa Creek soapnuts are not actually nuts, but the fruits of a tree that grows wild primarily in India and Nepal. In addition to the benefits to your family gets when you use our soapnuts, you are also helping our environment and the indigenous people that gather the soapnut fruit.

Inserting a small handful (3-5) of these amazing little berries into the supplied washbag and tossing it into your washing machine produces a wonderfully clean and soft load of laundry without having to add softeners or other chemicals. We are consistently thrilled with the results we get with soapnuts. They are a wonderful alternative to commercial detergents that can help your family lead a more eco-friendly life without the corresponding sacrifice we are used to enduring in making other changes to a greener existence.

We believe that the choice before you is really no choice at all. You can use an artificial product that contains untold chemicals that pollute just by their manufacture and require even more chemicals to work acceptably. (fabric softeners) Or you can use a completely natural product that is created by a totally renewable and sustainable source that reduces pollution by its growth, works very well, has a multitude of uses beyond clothes washing, AND EVEN SAVES YOU MONEY!

So, how good are soapnuts really?
Soapnuts work very well, about as good as a non-bio detergent, but they are not a miracle product. They actually work better for some things like delicate fabrics, towels and diapers. Certain stains like grease and repeated washing of pure whites may require a little help, just like with your current detergent. A half cup of baking soda will help with stains. A half cup of lemon juice in the rinse cycle will help your whites. This is even more effective if you can hang your whites in the sun to dry.

Why would a tree want detergent in its berries?
It doesn't. The saponins in the berries of the trees – genus – Sapindus (Sap-soap/ Indus – from India) are a natural defense against bugs and fungus. Saponins are an insecticide and anti-bacterial compound that just happens to make a wonderful laundry soap!


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